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Beautiful Log Home and Log CabinsLog Homes speak to the pioneer in each of us, but today they promise adventure without the hardship, security without isolation, and natural beauty without discomfort.

We will assist you in developing your Log Home Dream, by providing the highest quality Log Home Builders and Designers. These Cabin and Home Builders and Designers are some of the most experienced in the log Cabin home industry.


Whether it be working with Cedar, Pine, Fir or Spruce, our Custom Log Home Designers and Builders are well versed in their trade. They can design and build virtually any size home, from the small cabin by the lake, to the multi-thousand square foot Dream Log Home.

We have a complete line of beautiful but affordable Manufactured Log Home Kits. These homes come virtually complete, floors, roofs, windows and doors are all included. Our "D Log" Manufactured Cabin Homes come in many variations to fit what ever requirements you have. They can be shipped and assembled anywhere in the world.

Looking for a simple to erect Small Cabin or Shed. Our line of Small Cabin Kits are well built but inexpensive. They're perfect for your summer place and are easily assembled by one or two people with just a wrench and a screwdriver or a drill.

Park RVs


We have another section dedicated to strongly constructed Park RVs that are also Affordable and Beautiful.

Finally for those intrepid souls who wish build their own small log cabin we have a growing section of DIY information for you to puruse.

Are you a log home builder and are looking for a reliable, affordable and quality source for ready to build logs. We can supply just what your looking for. Call us today!


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Our Log Home Designers and Log Home Builders are recognized for their expertise in creating the finest quality, Handcrafted Log Homes, as well as Machined “D Log” Homes.

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