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Building a log cabin with your own hands has always been and still is a dream of many an industrious person. In our hurried modern times this desire is perfectly natural as we miss the connection to natural things that is so absent for most of us in our current world.

Using your own hands to build a log cabin is completely doable in current tense. The key factors are time and location. Finding both is critical to your success. In the following sections we cover the history of log cabins, designing and design elements, working with logs and timbers, tools required and the major components of log cabins including logging the trees and moving them to the site, foundations, windows and doors, roofing and many other minor aspects of this type of work.

We also detail the time required to build using this method of construction and time is definitely required. You will see that each log, from where it is standing as a tree to actually in position on the wall requires roughly 7 hours of work depending on size. Multiply that by the number of logs in the building and now you see why you this is such a critical requirement.

The physical aspect of working with your hands is also something you will have to come to terms with. In one of the sections we talk about the skills required but also do you have the strength and stamina to do this work? Many aspects of it can be accomplished using machines but the tradeoff is money. It is clear you need to understand your own strengths and have prior to starting the necessary skills.

The satisfaction of working with wood plus the end result based on careful workmanship is well worth it. Most who have accomplished the task do not regret it and often fondly remember the time as time well spent. The many years of service a well built log cabin will give you is the final payback.

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