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Building a log cabin is a time consuming but ultimately a satisfying endeavor. However if you do not have the following skills you must obtain them before starting such a large project.

First to save time you must have the ability to use a chainsaw safely and efficient. Don’t buy or use one bigger than the job requires. If your logs or trees are around 10 in round then an 18” to 24” bar is just fine. Too large of saw and bar will tirer you out and possibly create a safety issue. Know how to conduct basic maintenance on the saw as well as sharpen it properly.

Know how to use an axe or adze. This sounds easy but it is much harder than it appears. Remember that you will be wielding these in all weather conditions with often, cold wet hands. You must know how to properly and safely swing these tools. The ability to quickly sharpen them is a must. Slicks (large chisels), drawknife, mallets and any number of small hand tools all must be proficiently used during the building.

The next must important item you must have is time! Here is a quick breakdown of the time required to build a log cabin using the traditional Swedish Cope Joint. (There is no method in this site that is any less time consuming) Estimate your time in building doing the following:

Cut down the tree 60 min
Transport the tree 60 min
Peel and cut to length 60 min
Move to cabin site, mark and notch 60 min
Test fit the log and trim 60 min
Insert the log and seal 30 min
Move into place and spike with nails 30 min

Total 6 hours Per Log

This will vary based on the type and size of tree. Multiply this by the number of trees you need to complete the log building. Remember that this does not include the foundation, windows, decks, roof, overhangs, doors and interior. Next - Falling trees

Falling Trees | Log Wheeler | Peeling and Storing Logs | Long Log Construction

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