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At first glance designing a log cabin is not as complex as say designing a large modern home. At first glance! However proper design always has balance. The site layout, position of windows and doors, components in relation to each other, even down to the molding all requires balance and symmetry.

Choosing a proper site location for a log cabin is enough to fill an entire book but some things to consider are:
Does it have good all year round access? Perhaps that is the appeal of the site, the fact that it is remote. This also adds complications in the building process unless the builder is completely self-sustained.
Is there nearby water for both consumption and fire fighting if necessary. Is the water safe to drink?
Is there a proper building site with a view, protected from the prevailing winter winds and shaded from the summer sun? Is the ground sloped away from the building site in the event you want to add a septic system?
Is the site zoned correctly and there are there any plans for development in the area that would affect the location?
Noise from over flights of planes, neighbor issues, building restrictions to name a few more concerns?

For the log cabin itself the design should always strive for balance in looks and symmetry between components. Each component of the log cabin might be fine when used separately but conflict when brought together. An example would be using plywood paneling along side finely crafted logs or a bright metal door in an all log structure.

Another non-balanced approach is to use wood for all components, floor, walls, ceiling etc. A better way is to intermix plaster or gyproc and wood to balance the look. In times past all furniture was made of wood such as pine. Chairs for example were then brightly painted the day they came out of the wood shop. They did this because at the time all was made of wood and people needed to balance that look with something else.

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