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This 168 sq. ft. cabin as a Base Unit includes 2" x 6" untreated Lodgepole pine, exterior walls and ceiling panels.          

Pricing & Options Available

Base Unit: $3643.00 CAD
Vinyl Window with Aluminum Door Kit: Includes four 3ft.x4ft. sliding windows and three full glass aluminum doors. $3285.00 CAD
Wooden Window and Door Kit: Includes four 3' X 4' opening windows and three wood plexi-glass doors. $1600.00 CAD
Dekk-tile Metal Roofing Kit: 26 gauge metal (resembles clay tile).
Available in 6 colours: Colonial Red, Dark Bronze, Dark Green, Tahoe Blue, Terra Cotta, Weathered Copper
$960.00 CAD
2X6 Base Sub Floor with 5/8" T&G Plywood $785.00 CAD

Assembly as easy as 1, 2, 3...
All kits come partially assembled, so all you have to do is assemble the pre-built components using a wrench and a screwdriver or a drill. The unique wall components are locked together with threaded rods and nuts (shown to the right). Along with easy-to-follow instructions, we supply all the screws and hardware necessary.


Aspen Plans
The Aspen Footprint
(PDF: 47 KB / 1 page)


Inside dimension: 10' 31/8" x 10' 91/8" 313cm x 328cm
Outside dimension: 11' 6" x 12' 0" 351cm x 366cm
Roof line: 12' 2 3/4" x 14' 3 1/2" 373cm x 436cm
Height: 9' 8" 295cm
Door Size: 32 3/4" x 79 1/2" 83cm x 202cm
Roof Metal: 26 gauge Dekk-Tile  
Weight: 2180 lbs 990 kg


Studio  10'x10'
Muskokan 12'x14'
Aspen 12'x14'
Alpine 14'x16'
Squamish 14'x16'
Forester 14'x16'
Ranger 14'x20'
Valemount 14'x20'
Garage 14'x24'
Whistler 14'x24'
Springfield 16'x24'
Yukon 20'x20'
Fairmont 20'x30'

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