Valemont Small Cabin Kit - 14' X 20'









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Pricing & Options Available

Base Unit Includes:
- 2in.x6in. untreated Lodgepole pine exterior walls
- 7ft.x12ft.9in. loft with railing and ladder
- Ceiling height 76 in.
- Roof rafters and strapping.
Vinyl Window and Aluminum Door Kit:
- Three 2ft.x4ft. stationary windows
- Two 3ft.x3ft. sliding windows
- Two 3ft.x2ft.6in. sliding windows
- One 2ft.x2ft. sliding window
- One half glass aluminum door.
29 gauge Duraclad metal roof: Available in 4 colours: Green, Brown, Red, Black

$17282.00 CAD
Window Grid Update $290.00 CAD
Dekk-Tile metal roof kit: 26 gauge resembles clay tile. Available in 6 colours: Colonial Red, Dark Bronze, Dark Green, Tahoe Blue,
Terra Cotta, Weathered Copper
$1400.00 CAD
Base floor kit includes: 2in.x 8in. P/T floor joists and 5/8in. plywood sub flooring. $1860.00 CAD
Insulation kit includes: 2in.x 2in. furring and 1in.x 6in. Tongue and Groove (Insulation not included). $1650.00 CAD
Ceiling Lining Kit includes: 1in.x 6in. Tongue & Groove Lodgepole Pine to cover open rafters & soffits. $1156.00 CAD
Interior Room includes: 5ft.x 7ft. room. Two interior walls and a solid Lodgepole Pine door. $640.00 CAD
Stair Case includes: Stairs to loft with landing and railings. $1475.00 CAD
Covered porch includes: 6ft.x20ft. covered porch with posts rafters and metal roofing to match unit. $1720.00 CAD
Ceiling Lining Kit - Porch Roof $435.00 CAD
Front Deck includes: 6ft.x 19ft. P/T joists and decking $1120.00 CAD

This beautiful small cottage has an interior size of over 239 sqft. We see it as a guest cottage, summer cabin or beach house. We bet you can think of many more places it would be perfect

The loft runs length ways inside the cabin and provides over 90 sqft of sleeping area. The main floor is big enough to add a small kitchen plus living area. Add the 5' X 7.5'  wall kit for the bathroom and all the necessities are there. Click Here for dimensions.


The flexibility of our kits will ensure you get exactly the options you need. Our basic package comes with the wall shell, roof structure ready for steel roofing and loft. You choose from this point on what you need. Click here to see the additional package options to enhance your cottage. Our Options page has more details and pictures.

Make the foundation solid cement slab and forgo the flooring package, or use a pier or walled foundation which requires a floor. Our Steel Roofing comes in two gauges and six beautiful colors depending on the gauge. Click Here for the colors. We arrange the shipping and provide a video explaining the simple assemble procedures plus all the engineering specs and drawings. You provide a couple of friends, building permit, some simple hand tools and three weekends to assemble this little beauty.

Valemount Plans
Valemount footprint
(PDF: 645 KB / 3 pages)


Studio  10'x10'
Muskokan 12'x14'
Aspen 12'x14'
Alpine 14'x16'
Squamish 14'x16'
Forester 14'x16'
Ranger 14'x20'
Valemount 14'x20'
Garage 14'x24'
Whistler 14'x24'
Springfield 16'x24'
Yukon 20'x20'
Fairmont 20'x30'

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